Trees provide a beautiful, natural aspect to your property, but they require constant care and inspection to ensure they remain healthy. If neglected, it can turn into brushwood and can cause significant visual and physical damage to your property. DaCosta Construction specializes in providing maintenance, inspection, and removal of any unhealthy trees.

Our tree removal experts specialize in bringing safety to the external part of your property. The tree service also avoids the commitment of the building structure. If you need to have a tree removed to allow room for construction, or because it is in bad condition is important to have the support of a team who understands the service required.

Is important to highlight that tree removal is a task best left to the professionals. All our services are performed with attention to detail to avoid damages and injuries by professionals trade in the services provided. The most advanced equipment is used to correctly achieve your desired outcome.

DaCosta Construction offers a wide range of services, including:

Tree Removal

The tree removal service is performed by experienced tree removal professionals. They are trained to identify the best strategy to remove the tree safely and efficiently. There are many reasons to remove a tree, including: cleaning a site for construction, after a storm that has shaken tree roots or to open space in your leisure area. Whatever the reason, our Tree removal experts have you covered.We can also help you clear your lot of unwanted trees and brush. We have the tools, equipment, training and experience in order to dispose of brush and logs safely, quickly and effectively.

Stump Removal

The stump is the hardest part of removing a tree, especially if the stump is larger in size. Most tree removal companies will leave the stump behind, spoiling the landscape of your house or property. Using a stump grinding machine, we are able to completely remove the tree stump and leave your landscape looking new and beautiful.


Pruning is a method to cut specific parts of the plant that are unhealthy or dying with the intention of leaving the healthy parts behind to promote new growth and avoid removing the plant entirely. The tree trimming and pruning are performed by our tree surgeon professionals. Our team of professionals carefully evaluates the health of the plant before removing all unnecessary or unhealthy parts of the plant.

Wood chipping

At DaCosta Construction, we have the ability to take the trees we’ve removed from your property and repurpose them. By breaking down the tree into wood chips, the wood chips can be used for many different thinks such as providing an organic mulch for your garden bed or a soft base for playscape’s in your backyard.

Storm Damage and Lot Clearing

After a storm, there is nothing worse than have to clear away all of the debris that’s fallen from sick and damaged trees. The best way to prevent this is to have a professional check on the health of your trees each season. Our team is trained on evaluating rot, infestations and insect and termite damage and remove any branches that are at risk of falling and could cause damage to your property.

DaCosta Construction staff are ready to hear about your wants and needs to accomplish the task with precision. Call us now for a free quote!

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