Commercial Site Work

Starting a construction project is one of the most difficult parts of the journey Most of the times, the worksite is in various states of disrepair, and is covered in bushes, undergrowth, trees and even the beginnings of former construction projects.

By allowing outside Contractors to come in and deal with the cleanup of your work site, you are free to start moving forward and thinking of the project to come. DaCosta Construction is the right company to clear your site and your mind to imagine your new project. With the know-how to complete excavations, demolitions and landscape, our company is ready to help you get started on your new project.

The first step is to get in contact with us and describe your needs. Is doesn’t matter if is a smaller property or a high-rise building. DaCosta Construction service will bring uncounted benefits to your construction site. Our Contractors are extremely experienced and trained to deal with any kind of challenge.

We will guide you through the best solution for developing your site, exploring all the advantages that it offers. A complete inspection will be done to identify which areas require the most work, and what needs to be done to begin the project. The solutions provided will be geared towards your overall desired outcome, while respecting your budget and timeline.

DaCosta Construction offers several services for your residential or commercial project. Above or underground, the services intend to help maintain the integrity of the building structure and avoid future damages.

DaCosta Construction covers all areas of work to be done on your construction site including:

Site Work Services

  • Culvert Installation – A culvert is a passageway that allows water to travel under roadways and buildings. This prevents flooding and the collection of water avoiding damage to the structure. Our team of experts will help plan, lay out and install the best path for your particular work site.
  • Demolition – When it comes to demolition, our Contractors cover the fundamental principles of preparation, security, technique, and equipment. Our demolition team is prepared to remove all remnants of previously builds, as well are removing all waste from the worksite, allowing the new project to move forward.
  • Excavation – Our Excavation Contractors can prepare your site for the construction. By disrupting and either removing or saving the topsoil for other projects, our Contractors leave the site levelled and ready to start the new construction project. We also provide materials such as gravel to prepare the land for the beginning of the project.
  • Sanitary Sewers – The sanitary sewers system are connected both to the plumbing in the building and the storm sewers to ensure waste is moving from the building, through the storm sewers and on to the water treatment plant properly.
  • Storm Sewers – Storm sewers should be carefully installed strategically in strategic parts of your property where water tends to run through or accumulate. By installing storm sewers in the right places, the water is able to drain properly and avoid issues such as flooding, or damage to your grass and greenery.

Don’t hesitate to contact with our team of Contractors and ask for a free quote. It’s the first step towards a successful project.

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