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Excavation Contractor

As an excavation contractor, we do much more that haul around dirt. Their responsibilities include many areas including site preparation and development, digging trenches, grading lands, demolishing sites, and much more, using front-loaders, bulldozers, backhoes and other equipment. At DaCosta Construction, we’ve invested in the best equipment and the best crews in the Capital District. We’ve done it all for one purpose: to deliver excellent excavation work, site development, and more to the homeowners and businesses of the region.

When it comes to residential or commercial properties, DaCosta Construction is the company with the know-how and experience to provide you with the best plan for the best price.

You can trust that whatever the task at hand, it will be accomplished by well trained, experienced professionals with your ideals in mind. We’re available to help right from the preparation of the site, through demolition, grading and finally clearing of the land. The final result will be your land – clear, level and ready to build on.

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Site Preparations

Proper preparation of a work site is the first step to guaranteeing that your project runs smoothly, regardless of whether it is residential or commercial. By understanding and properly preparing the land that your building will sit on, you’ll be able to better prepare the foundation and structural supports of the building. This, in turn, will ensure the building is structurally sound and can properly support the weight of the structure.

At DaCosta Construction we specialize in planning construction projects. Our preparation service guarantee will leave you confident that you’re in the right hands and your project is off to the right start.

We also believe in providing the best service at a reasonable cost. By using all our own equipment, there’s no worry of rental fees and if we are involved from the beginning, we can recycle things like any soil dug up during excavation and repurpose that for the graduated downward slope away from the building, or for any landscaping on the property.

Our professionals are ready to help you get your project started and see you through until the end.

Our site preparation tasks include:

  • Elevation Determination – we’ll determine the best elevation for your site
  • Money Saving Techniques – By using material borrowed from the build site for the base we can decrease costs (especially true for large rural sites where you might have a hill in a field to borrow from)
  • Material Salvaging – Strip and save topsoil
  • Footing Excavation – we excavate footing trenches
  • Material Supply & Delivery –provide gravel to bring your site up to grade
  • Concrete Sub-Grade Preparation – Our team can place and effectively compact gravel for concrete preparation

Ponds, Drainage, and Storm Water

DaCosta Construction is a specialist in solutions for issues related to ponds, storm water, and drainage. The work starts with an site inspection of your property and identify any flaws or potential problems related to the flow of water. If needed, our professionals can excavate for ponds, or dig trenches to assist with the flow of water around the property to avoid damage to the structures themselves.

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Landscaping Excavation

DaCosta Construction is committed to providing practical solutions for any and all issues on your work site. That is why we get involved right from the start – so any issues that arise in the process, we can handle. Whether it be post-demolition or a fresh piece of land, DaCosta Construction is ready to prepare the land for the new build.

After the land has been properly excavated, we will also manage the removal of any trash or debris that is on the property. Nothing will be left behind, with the exception of any topsoil which will be left for seedbeds or sod installation. The land will be clean, level and ready for your next project. Don’t hesitate in contact with DaCosta Construction, the best option for excavation and land preparation.


While demolition can seem like an easy enough task to take on, sometimes it can end up being more work than you bargained for. That, paired with the potential complexity of the structure of the building, it’s a task best left to the professionals.

At DaCosta Construction, we love being involved from the start. By taking care of your demolition, we can work towards creating the perfect canvas for your new project. The final result will be your land completely clean, level and ready to start your new project.